{Download the 2010 Conference Program}

Change and Adaptation
Chair: Regina Bechtle, SC
Sisters of Charity of New York

  • “Only a Click Away’: Reflections on the Transformational Power of Technology for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill
    Cathy Looker, SSJ, Chestnut Hill College
  • "The Interplay of Vision and Necessity in the Mission of Religious Congregations as presented in the monograph Education of the SSNDs of the St. Louis Province,1900–2000
    Therese Mary Rebstock, SSND, St. Louis Province, School Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Lay-Religious Affiliation in the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto”
    Grace Sauve, CSJ, Congregational Archives, Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto

Vatican II and Beyond
Chair: Elizabeth McGahan
University of New Brunswick, St. John

  • “The Welcoming of the Second Vatican Council by Women Religious Orders: Some
    Considerations from a Quebec Perspective”
    Dominique Laperle, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Women Religious in Norway under Double Fire: Between Conciliar Renewal and Welfare StateBuilding”
    Else-Britt Nilsen, OP, The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology
  • Role of the Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes in the Renewal of Women’s Religious Life post Vatican II: A Case Study of the Union of Presentation Sisters”
    Louise O’Reilly, NUI Maynooth, Co. Kildare


Struggle and Renewal
Chair: Kate Kuentsler, PHJC
Canon Law Professionals

  • “Nobility in the Struggle: Non-Violent Witness of the Minority at the Carmel of Morristown, New Jersey in 1988”
    Eloise Rosenblatt, RSM, Lincoln Law School of San Jose, California
  • “Forming a Local Church: The Maryknoll Sisters and Lay Agency in Nicaragua, 1965-75” Christine Baudin Hernandez, St. Louis University


Art, Mission, and Memory
Chair: Judith Metz, SC
Archives, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, OH

  • “Mission and Meaning in a Baroque Painting: Portrait of Mother Jerónima de la Fuente by Diego Velázquez”
    Elizabeth Perry, Framingham State College
  • “Preserving the Legacy of American Women Religious Through the Memoir Art Form”
    Dan Vaillancourt, Kathy Vaillancourt, Loyola University Chicago

Ministries of Social Justice
Chair: Margaret M. McGuinness
LaSalle University

  • “Charism, Cultures, Networks, or Call?: Catholic Women’s Congregations Ministries to Migrant Women and Children”
    Meg Wilkes Karraker, University of St. Thomas
  • “Teaching ‘Social Consciousness and Social Conscience’: Catholic Sisters and Social Justice in the 1950s”
    Darra Mulderry, Providence College
  • “’Nothing Is Too Good For the Youth of Our Race’: Black Nuns and the Struggle for Catholic Education in the Jim Crow South”
    Shannen Williams, Rutgers University


Women and Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America
A Discussion of the Exhibit Currently Touring the United States
Chair: Karen M. Kennelly, CSJ
Editor/Coordinator, History of Women Religious

  • “Video Tour of the Exhibit”
    Annmarie Sanders, IHM, Director of Communications, LCWR
  • “Artistic Considerations”
    Barbara Cervenka, OP, Adrian Dominican Sisters, Siena Heights University
  • “Identifying and Collecting Artifacts”
    Carol Shinnick, SSND, Consultant
  • “Development of Storyline, Marketing, and Fundraising”
    Helen Garvey, BVM, Sisters of Charity BVM, History Committee, LCWR

Women Religious and War
Chair: Margaret Susan Thompson
Syracuse University

  • “There and Back: The Impact of their Crimean Service on Women Religious”
    Moira Egan, Bronx Community College, City University of New York
  • “’A certain latitude be conceded’: English Dominican Sisters in the Great War”
    Anselm Nye, Queen Mary College, University of London
  • “Trust, Repentance, and Apocalyptic Zionism: Basilea Schlink and the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary Respond to War”
    George Faithful, St. Louis University


Religious Government and Reform in the Twentieth Century: Three Case Studies
Chair: Dolores Liptak, RSM
Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Cromwell, CT

  • “The Challenge of Canon Law (1917-18): The Response of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary “
    Ann Harrington, BVM, Loyola University Chicago
  • “Leaven or Whirlwind? Change in the Society of the Sacred Heart, 1960-1970”
    Patricia Byrne, CSJ, Trinity College
  • “‘Change is Blowing Hard’: The Sisters of Mercy and Renewal of Religious Government, 1960s-1970s”
    Mary Beth Fraser Connolly, Purdue University North Central
    Commentator: Elizabeth M. Smyth, University of Toronto

Women Religious and Health Care
Chair: Mary Ellen Gleason, SC
College of St. Elizabeth

  • Irish Catholic Women Religious and Foreign Medical Missions, 1901-1936”
    Carmen Mangion, Birbeck College, University of London
  • “The Changing Identity of Catholic Hospitals, 1925-2000”
    Barbra Mann Wall, University of Pennsylvania
  • “Enlightened Charity: Reforming the Care of the Insane in 19th Century Maryland”
    Martha Libster, East Carolina University College of Nursing


Transnational Perspectives on Women Religious and Change
Chair: Regina Siegfried, ASC
Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. Louis

  • “Beyond Adaptation: Call of a Renewing Church”
    Marie Brinkman, SC, University of St. Mary, Leavenworth
  • The Shaping of Tanzanian Women’s Religious Life
    Margaret Gannon, IHM, Marywood University
  • Internationalization of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambéry: The O’Connor Sisters in France, USA and Denmark”
    Susanne Malchau Dietz, University of Aarhus


Teaching Sisters
Chair: Kathleen Sprows Cummings
University of Notre Dame

  • “Bishops’ Girls: High Expectations and Professional Aspirations for Young Catholic Women in the Diocese of Brooklyn”
    James T. Carroll, Iona College
  • “The Loretto Sisters in North America:  Perspectives on Curriculum and Teaching within The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) in Canada and the United States”
    Elizabeth Smyth, University of Toronto
  • “Teaching Sisters, Professional Women: Loretto Normal School, 1897-1934”
    Annie Stevens, Webster University


Women Religious and Foreign Policy: The Impact of World War II on the Educational Response of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Germany and JapanChair: Judith Best, SSND, School Sisters of Notre Dame

  • "Educational Pioneers: The School Sisters of Notre Dame in 19th-Century Baltimore and 20th- Century Japan”
    Midori Teranishi, Kyoto Notre Dame University, Nanzan University
  • "’Everything Passes, God Remains the Same': The Poor School Sisters of Notre Dame at War in Hitler's Germany, 1938 to 1945"
    Martina Cucchiara, University of Notre Dame


Re-defining the Mission after Vatican II.
Chair: Mary Hayes, SNDdeN
Trinity University, Washington, DC

  • “Congregation of Divine Providence of San Antonio”
    Christine Morkovsky, CDP, Mexcian American Catholic College, San Antonio, TX
  • “The Sisters of the Holy Family in Belize in the Post Vatican II Period: Reading the Signs of the Times”
    Edward Brett, La Roche College
  • “Two Congregations in Search of Charism”
    Sally Witt, CSJ, Archivist, Sisters of St. Joseph, Baden, PA

Women and Social Movements Website
Chair: Judith Sutera, OSB
Mt. St. Scholastica Monastery, Atchinson, KS

  • “Teaching with online documents about the History of Catholic Women in the United States: Document Projects on the Women and Social Movements website“
    Kathryn Kish Sklar, State University of New York, Binghamton
  • “Creating a document archive for the Women and Social Movements Website: Catholic Sisters and Civil Rights, 1946-2000”
    Carol Coburn, Avila University


Deliberations and Decisions
Chair: Carol K. Coburn
Avila University

  • “In Praise of the Active Life: Confronting the Challenge of 17th-Century Women’s Ministry”
    Mary Anne Foley, CND, University of Scranton
  • “Relational and Resourceful Mother Maddalena Bentivoglio: Challenging the Perception that the Poor Clare life was not compatible with American lifestyle in 1876”
    Eileen Flanagan, Neumann University
  • “Success of a Failure: Sisters of the Holy Ghost”
    David A. Vanderah, Robert Kuhn Center, Dubuque, Iowa

Research and Historiography
Chair: Prudence Moylan
Loyola University Chicago

  • “’Who Were the Nuns?’ Project”
    Caroline Bowden, University of London
  • “Investigating Change through the Catholic Research Resources Alliance”
    William Kevin Cawley, University of Notre Dame
  • “’Global Church and Global Challenge’: Current Historiography and the Gender Gap”
    Christina Stern, State University of New York, Rockland


Community Transformations
Chair: Mary J. Oates, CSJ
Regis College

  • “From Scarcity to Creativity: The Vitality of One Religious Congregation with Limited Resources”
    Kathleen Keating, SSJ, Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield
  • “’Many Congregations, But One Community’: Regina Health Center: A Model of Intercongregational Collaboration in Meeting New Needs”
    Mary Denis Maher, CSA, Ursuline College
  • “A New Itinerancy: The Dissolution of Traditional Mother Houses”
    Cecilia Murray, OP

Women Religious in Challenging Times
Chair: Anne M. Butler
Emerita, Utah State University

  • “The ‘Escaped Nun’ Phenomenon in Antebellum America: The Case of Olivia Neale”
    Joseph G. Mannard, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • “’A Missionary on the Prairie’: Mother Raphael McCarthy leads her convent through the Great Depression and World War II”
    Margaret Preston, Augustana College
  • “The Founding of theSisters of the Holy Humility of Mary: The First Constitutions of 1858”
    Anne York, Youngstown State University